Spa Exclusive


Daycations are deluxe spa packages that allow you to get away without going away.  In addition to containing the perfect combination of services, each Daycation spa package includes:

  • Turn any package into a Daycation Spa Package for only $49.00 more.
  • Complimentary Aromatherapy upgrades on all services
  • A delicious spa lunch
  • A mimosa, wine, champagne, tea/coffees selection or spring water

Spa packages can be upgraded to Daycations via the phone. Feel free to bring a friend, and while you’re on your Daycation don’t forget to write!

Spa Package

Couples Massage  | $189

Space and time seemingly intertwine as you enjoy Massages, (or Facials, Spa-chi or Reiki) side by side in one of our beautiful rooms built for two! You may even have two different services.  One person may have massage while the other has Spa-chi, etc.  Bring a friend, family member or significant  other and enjoy an amazing spa experience together.

Spa Package

Symphony #5 Spa Package | $208

A masterpiece composition designed to slow the hands of time and put the rest of your world on pause. Delight your senses with this blissful panoply of services,  scents and sounds. Includes a Swedish Massage, Europa Facial, and Signature Manicure.

Spa Zen


All of the wonderful things that you’ve heard about Butter are waiting just for you!
If you’ve been searching for the best day spa in Providence, you’ve come to the right place.
Our reputation and reviews are second to none, because our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver
the very best massage, facial, mani, pedi or spa service that you have ever had.  We think you will also fall in love with
our charming 19th century, Victorian estate turned spa.

Spa Package

Duchess of Windsor $224 | 3 Hours

From the calming aromas to soothing touch and delicious beverages, every single sense is encompassed in a cloud of luxury.

  • Aromatherapy Massage (Choose from Lavender, Citrus, Peppermint, and more)
  • Champagne and Rose Facial
  • Aromatherapy Manicure with Paraffin Treatment
  • Champagne Toast or Tea

Spa Package

Never Never Land | $281 | 4 Hours

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and indulge yourself in a space and time that exists just for you. When you’re ready to get away from it all, this is the perfect place to go. Includes:

  • Swedish Massage (1 hr)
  • Europa Facial (1 hr)
  • Signature Manicure (45 min)
  • Signature Pedicure and Tea Service (55 min)

Spa Zen


Call (401) 234-1899 to book an appointment or Click a Buy Now Button to purchase an Instant Gift Certificate Online
For a complete list of services, click on the appropriate menu listed above.

Spa Package

Make it a Double | $352 | 2 Hours

This amazing package was designed with two people in mind. You will be able to share these wonderful services (in the same room) with someone close to your heart.

  • Two Swedish Massages
  • Two Europa Facials
  • Champagne Toast or Tea Service

Spa Package

Take Two | $166 | 2 Hours

We realize that it isn’t always possible to set aside multiple hours to treat yourself. Perhaps you can set aside two.

  • Europa Facial
  • European Massage

Spa Service

Birthday Party (for 2 to 6 people)

You and your friends SAVE $$ in honor of your birthday

Whether it’s your birthday, or you want to treat/surprise a friend to a Birthday SPA Party, everyone in attendance will save 5% on services.  PLUS, we’ll break out the bubbly for a champagne toast, a cute and delicious cake (for up to 6) and we’ll even take a few photos to help commemorate the occasion!  Choose any services you like (feel free to mix and match). Your birthday discounts will be applied at checkout.  P.S.  Happy Birthday!

Spa Package

Queen of Hearts | Spa Package

Normally $259.99

This amazing package comes with; a box of chocolates, 60 minutes Swedish Massage, Europa Facial & Signature Manicure.  The package also includes a complimentary Aromatherapy Upgrade and a Champagne Toast.  For a limited time you Save 15% on this package and if you decide to bring a friend, they will save 15% on any service or package they select.

Spa Policy

Cancellations, Booking Appointments

Butter Day Spa has a 48 hour weekend cancellation policy for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and a 24 hour policy for the remaining days. If you are not able to cancel within that time period, you will be able to reschedule, however; you will be charged for the appointment. Thank you for your understanding.  Our booking software requires a major credit or debit card number to enter an appointment in the system.


Spa Zen

| Relax

Here’s an ancient proverb.  The stop signs, red lights and yellow lights far outnumber all of the green lights.  This is life’s gentle reminder that we need to pause more often than we do.  Butter Day Spa is your personal oasis of relaxation.  A place where souls in need of nurturing come to escape.


Spa Zen

| Recharge

Nearly everything we own today has a place to plug in and recharge.  There are even some new cars that you have to plug in to recharge.  Think of Butter as your personal outlet… a recharging outlet.  Plugging in, is just a call away.

Spa Zen

| Renew

Hakuna matat⦠the circle of life.  Every cell within our bodies is born over and over again. In life we have new days, new weeks and new years.  The universe itself is in a constant state of renewal.  Cosmically speaking that’s a hint.  Let Butter Day Spa be your personal chrysalis.