Never A Failure

Life is an amazing teacher.  Everything that we have become good at doing, weve failed at initially.  Whether it was learning to play tennis, pronounce our name, or learning to ride a bike.  Learning to ride a bike should actually be called failing to ride a bike because for 99% of the time that we are supposedly learning, we are actually failing.  It is only that very last attempt when something mysteriously clicks and we get it where we completely LEARN how to do something.  In life, much like with riding a bike, success only comes after repeatedly and rapidly failing and failing and failing, over and over and over again.

There is a hidden lesson on the opposite side of each failure.  Each time we fail, we are actually learning.  In the instance of riding a bike (and with anything in life), the more frequently and rapidly you can fail, the faster you will ultimately learn.  The goal, however; is to not focus on the failure, but rather the lesson.

Even when you dont recognize that you are learning something, you are.  Subconsciously, your brain is putting together the pieces of the puzzle.  Deflect discouragement and meditate on the process.  The word practice is one of the worlds oldest politically correct terms.  In every situation, practice can be translated as failure.

If youre working toward a goal, dont get discouraged by setbacks.   Pause, take a deep breath and let the lesson(s) to be learned come to you.  You are much closer than you may think!

Thank you.  Please share this with someone who needs to hear these words.

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What is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

Hot stone massage is a common service to be offered at spas, but many people are not completely sure what it entails. Butter Day Spa massage therapists take us through the basics of what is it, what to expect, and what to avoid.

What exactly is hot stone therapy? This massage technique is administered by the therapist using heated basalt rocks as an extension of their own hands. In other words, they hold the stones in their hands and glide them over the clients muscles, using stones of different sizes and various amounts of pressure. It takes a skilled, well trained therapist with a certain amount of finesse and awareness to deliver an exceptional hot stone treatment. The most typical stones to use are basalt, a type of volcanic rock, as they retain heat well. Stones can also be frozen and used for cryotherapy (cold therapy).

Hot stone therapy is thought to have been used by Native Americans by warming stones on a fire and using them to relieve aching muscles or joints. It has many of the same benefits as Swedish massage, but most of the benefits are exemplified thanks to the added heat. Using hot stones provides deeper relaxation, more relief for tired or tight muscles, and rids the body of more built up toxins. You may also experience benefits that are specific to hot stone therapy, such as arthritic pain relief, bursitis pain relief, and help with depression and insomnia.

When coming in to have a hot stone massage, at Butter Day Spa you can expect to lay face down on the massage table to start. We heat the stones to approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit before your arrival, then place them along your spine to relieve the particularly tense muscles before the massage begins. We proceed by using the stones in our hands to warm up and manipulate the muscle tissue. Stones can be placed down the back, under the shoulders while face up, and on the belly.

There are some conditions under which you should not have hot stone massage. It is not recommended for those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or take blood thinners, for pregnant or menopausal women, or those who are currently nursing a sunburn. Check with your physician before beginning any hot stone treatments if you have any of the conditions listed above.

If you are able to safely have hot stone massage, it is a wonderful way to relax the body even further than a regular Swedish massage, especially in the cold winter weather when our bodies seem to tense up just from being outside!

A Very Happy New Year

What are your goals and dreams for this year? What do you want to achieve?

These are questions we hear every year around January 1. Unfortunately, many people get overexcited, throw themselves into a project, and then get burnt out after two weeks.

At Butter, we believe that goals should be set with milestones, checkpoints, and rewards throughout the journey. The act of working towards a goal should be just as exciting as achieving it. We humbly suggest setting your goals, but pacing them with mini-rewards at smaller intervals for yourself. You will be twice as motivated, and a hundred times more likely to reach the goal in the end!

Happy New Year- and may all your goals and dreams come true!

Happy Holidays!

From all of us on the Butter Day Spa team, we want to thank you, our loyal supporters. Without you, Butter would not be growing at such an astounding pace. It is truly thanks to the local community and our strong team that we are able to call this our best year yet.

We hope you have the happiest holidays yet! Although it is not quite nippy enough outside to be a white Christmas, the air is still full of festive joy. We wish you peace, quality family time, and love as the year draws to a close.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-The Butter Team

Fighting Back Against Dry Winter Air

With the frigid winds of winter comes the inevitable dryness of our skin. Suddenly, it seems like half our time is spent applying moisturizer to every part of our body!

We are here to help you get through the bitter cold with some key ideas from Butter Day Spa esthetician Shaley, to maintain a beautiful and glowing complexion.

1. Great skin starts from within. Stay hydrated. Drinking as much water as possible throughout the day will ultimately provide your skin with ample water to keep your skin cells from crumbling and cracking under cold winds. Ditch the processed foods and make healthy fats like omega-3s part of your regular diet. These can be found in fish, walnuts, leafy greens, and flaxseed to name a few foods, and are also sold as nutritional supplements.

2. Get the SPF back out! Just because the weather is colder, does not mean we are safe from the elements. Applying a water-based moisturizer with SPF daily is a great way protect against wind and sun damage. It is light and hydrating, and the SPF will create a tough barrier for your skin. Use at least SPF 15 or stronger.

3. Dont forget your lips. The skin on the lips is very similar to the rest of your skin, but your lip skin is much thinner and does not have oil glands, so it needs a little extra care when it comes to hydration. Apply a lip balm that also contains SPF and a beeswax. This serves as an extra protective barrier against the weather.

4. Use the right skin products for your skin. When choosing a face moisturizer, stay away from products that contain mineral oil. It can clog your pores, which in turn leads to oils trapped under your skin and blackheads. Instead, keep an eye out for oils like coconut, sweet almond, grape seed, and jojoba, all of which are non-comedogenic (formulated to not block the pores).

These tips will help you arrive on the other side of winter with a beautiful glow and soft skin. If you are looking for a higher level of TLC, check out our Europa Facial, targeted towards maintaining hydration and moisture in the skin.

Happy Winter!!