Never A Failure

Life is an amazing teacher.  Everything that we have become good at doing, weve failed at initially.  Whether it was learning to play tennis, pronounce our name, or learning to ride a bike.  Learning to ride a bike should actually be called failing to ride a bike because for 99% of the time that we are supposedly learning, we are actually failing.  It is only that very last attempt when something mysteriously clicks and we get it where we completely LEARN how to do something.  In life, much like with riding a bike, success only comes after repeatedly and rapidly failing and failing and failing, over and over and over again.

There is a hidden lesson on the opposite side of each failure.  Each time we fail, we are actually learning.  In the instance of riding a bike (and with anything in life), the more frequently and rapidly you can fail, the faster you will ultimately learn.  The goal, however; is to not focus on the failure, but rather the lesson.

Even when you dont recognize that you are learning something, you are.  Subconsciously, your brain is putting together the pieces of the puzzle.  Deflect discouragement and meditate on the process.  The word practice is one of the worlds oldest politically correct terms.  In every situation, practice can be translated as failure.

If youre working toward a goal, dont get discouraged by setbacks.   Pause, take a deep breath and let the lesson(s) to be learned come to you.  You are much closer than you may think!

Thank you.  Please share this with someone who needs to hear these words.

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