Facial Services ~ 2017 ~ Butter Day Spa

Spa Service

Europa Facial

$94 | 60 Minutes

Customized for your skin type, this is our signature facial. We begin with skin analysis, cleansing, toning, and exfoliation. We follow with a manual extraction of impurities and blackheads. A relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage follows during a customized mask to help balance and soothe your skin. We finish with a moisturizer that leaves your skin glowing.

Spa Service

Mother Nature Facial

$130 | 1 Hour

For the au naturale connoisseur- enjoy all that Earth has to offer. This facial begins with fresh, locally and organically grown cucumbers placed over the eyes. The skin is treated with calming mint and lavender cleansers, gentle avocado oil, and a rejuvenating strawberry exfoliation (strawberries contain vitamin C and salicylic acid, which allows dead skin cells to be removed from the face naturally). Stimulating pressure point massage on the face and scalp and extractions are followed by a hydrating and calming honey and oatmeal mask. You will emerge feeling fully refreshed and renewed from your time with Mother Nature!

Spa Service

Clarisonic Facial

$109 | 60 Minutes

The Clarisonic facial begins with manual cleansing followed by a gentle, sonic massage with The Clarisonic Pro to thoroughly clean pores and skin’s surface 6x better than with hands alone, allowing up to 61% better product absorption. A mild peeling mask is applied to exfoliate, soften, and refresh the skin, and gentle extractions are followed by an invigorating Clarisonic cleansing of the décolleté and neck.

Next, we use the Clarisonic Body Brush to compliment a relaxing massage of the décolleté, neck and shoulders, followed by a manual facial massage. A customized mask is applied to balance and soothe your skin. The mask is removed with warm towels, and The Clarisonic Opal is used to apply eye serum deep into the delicate eye area, instantly reducing dark circles and puffiness. We finish with a moisturizer that leaves your skin luminous. Reveal younger-looking skin, smaller pores, and more even skin tone.

Clarisonic® is recommended by leading dermatologists and estheticians for superior facial cleansing.

Spa Service

Bali 5-Flowers Deluxe Facial

$129 | 1 Hour

The Bali 5-Flowers facial is more than a deluxe spa service. It is a sensorial journey and experience, customized to your skin type. The journey begins by blending ancestral Balinese therapies with organic Balinese  Floral Cleansing Balm, followed by a gentle Seeds and Flowers Exfoliant. Next, your skin is introduced to the the heavenly Baum Fondant with a spellbinding massage of the face, arms and décolleté. This is followed by gentle extractions, and then a Kaolin and Herbal Mask. This luxurious facial is a captivating introduction to the Butter Day Spa facial universe.

Spa Service

Vitamin Squeeze

$120 | 1 Hour 10 Minutes

This facial is recommended for those with mature skin or looking for some sun damage control.

Brighten up with our Vitamin Squeeze, packed with vitamin C-loaded creams and serums. Your skin will be deep cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized, complete with a citrus aromatherapy steam experience. The full-length facial is followed by massage for the face, scalp, and arms, invigorating the senses and reducing tension. The vitamin C leaves your skin brighter, evens out complexion and pigmentation, and helps with age and sun spots for a beautiful glow from the inside out. It is a big glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice for your skin!

Spa Service

Men’s Hot Towel Facial

$84 | 60 Minutes

Customized for a gentleman’s specific skin needs. Hot towels are applied throughout the facial to open pores and A deep cleansing is followed by an exfoliating scrub and extractions and relaxing pressure point facial massage. The treatment concludes with a soothing mask to balance and hydrate the skin

Spa Zen


All of the wonderful things that you’ve heard about Butter are waiting just for you!
If you’ve been searching for the best day spa in Providence, you’ve come to the right place.
Our reputation and reviews are second to none, because our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver
the very best massage, facial, mani, pedi or spa service that you have ever had.  We think you will also fall in love with
our charming 19th century, Victorian estate turned spa.

Spa Zen


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Spa Exclusive


Daycations are deluxe spa packages that allow you to get away without going away.  In addition to containing the perfect combination of services, each Daycation spa package includes:

  • A complimentary upgrade of either your massage or facial extended from 60 to 90 minutes!
  • Complimentary Aromatherapy upgrades on all services
  • A gourmet spa lunch
  • A mimosa, wine, champagne, tea/coffees selection or spring water

Feel free to bring a friend, and while you’re on your Daycation don’t forget to write!

Spa Policy – Cancellations, Booking Appointments

Butter Day Spa has a 48 hour weekend cancellation policy for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and a 24 hour policy for the remaining days. If you are not able to cancel within that time period, you will be able to reschedule, however; you will be charged for the appointment. Thank you for your understanding.  Our booking software requires a major credit or debit card number to enter an appointment in the system.


Spa Zen

| Relax

Here’s an ancient proverb.  The stop signs, red lights and yellow lights far outnumber all of the green lights.  This is life’s gentle reminder that we need to pause more often than we do.  Butter Day Spa is your personal oasis of relaxation.  A place where souls in need of nurturing come to escape.


Spa Zen

| Recharge

Nearly everything we own today has a place to plug in and recharge.  There are even some new cars that you have to plug in to recharge.  Think of Butter as your personal outlet… a recharging outlet.  Plugging in, is just a call away.

Spa Zen

| Renew

Hakuna matat⦠the circle of life.  Every cell within our bodies is born over and over again. In life we have new days, new weeks and new years.  The universe itself is in a constant state of renewal.  Cosmically speaking that’s a hint.  Let Butter Day Spa be your personal chrysalis.