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750 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860

(at the beginning of BlackStone Blvd)
(One street away from where Blackstone Blvd & Hope street meet)
(On the Providence/Pawtucket line)

Near: WildFlour Vegan Bakery, Three Sisters Ice Cream, India Restaurant

Welcome to Butter Day Spa

The most cherished day spa in Rhode Island | Best Day Spa in Rhode Island

Best Massage in Rhode Island | Best Facials in Rhode Island

  • Discover our spell-binding Massage Therapy and spa services
  • Our Europa Facial is a sensorial wonder-worker
  • Experience our new relaxing CBD Oil Massage service.
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These are just a few reasons why Rhode Island LOVES Butter Day Spa!  Call us at (401)722-1010 to talk about all things spa or if you’re in the Black Stone Blvd/Hope Street/East Ave area, stop in just to say hi.

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The Best Day Spa & Massage ~ Providence | Pawtucket

Butter Day Spa is a sanctuary for the senses, located on the historic East Side ( near the Providence/Pawtucket line).  Other day spas/massage therapy businesses come and go, however, Since 2010, Butter Day Spa has consistently welcomed those looking to get away and unplug from the busy world around them.

Our world-class massage, spell-binding facials and meticulous mani’s and pedi’s are the reason why we’ve been in business so long.   Charm and ambiance and amazing spa services await you.

For more information scroll below or browse our spa treatments in our Spa PackagesMassages, Facials |  Spa Etiquette

Day Spa Giving

Did you know that Butter Day Spa contributed to over 10 local, community based non-profits and charitable causes and we continue to do so.  Ancient spas were places of communal healing and regeneration.  At Butter Day Spa, we adhere to that same philosophy.  For us, giving is intuitive, it’s what we do and it’s who we are.  Our primary business is elevating the vibration of humanity in all ways and forms possible.

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You’re going to love your visit or your purchasing experience at Butter Day Spa.

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Spa Service

Swedish Massage | $94

Swedish massage generally incorporates at least five massaging techniques to bring about relaxation and get rid of stress. Five of these techniques are effleurage (light touch), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (compression), and vibration. Our highly trained massage therapists customize these techniques to target problematic areas for each client. An our of massage is the equivalent of two hours of sleep and regeneration!

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Spa Package

Couples Massage  | $200

Space and time seemingly intertwine as you enjoy Massages side by side in one of our beautiful massage rooms built for two! You may even have two different services or you can switch it up. One person may have massage while the other has a facial, or body scrub.  Bring a friend, family member or significant other and enjoy an amazing spa experience together.

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Spa Package

Symphony #5 Spa Package | $235 | 2.5 hours

A masterpiece spa composition designed to slow the hands of time and put the rest of your world on pause. Delight your senses with this blissful panoply of services,  scents and sounds. Includes a Swedish Massage, Europa Facial, and choice of 30 min spa reflexology for hands or feet.

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Spa Service

Europa Facial | $94

Skilled fingers perform the dance of the sugarplum fairy during this facial which is customized for your skin type. This facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation and mask to improve skin tone and texture. Also included is a manual extraction of impurities and blackheads. A relaxing massage and custom treatment mask helps balance and soothe your skin. We finish with a moisturizer that leaves your skin glowing

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Spa Zen


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Spa Package

Queen of Hearts | Spa Package|$235 – 2.5 hrs

This amazing year-round package comes with a 60 minutes Swedish Massage or 60 min Hot Chocolate Massage, Europa Facial, choice of 30 min Chocolate Body Scrub or 30 min Hand or Foot Reflexology Treatment.

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Spa Service

Birthday Party (for 4 to 6 people)

You and your friends SAVE $$ in honor of your birthday

Whether it’s your birthday, or you want to treat/surprise a friend to a Birthday SPA Party, everyone in attendance will save 5% on services.   Choose any services you like (feel free to mix and match). Your birthday discounts will be applied at checkout.  P.S.  Happy Birthday!

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Butter Day Spa | Providence, RI

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All of the wonderful things that you’ve heard about Butter Day Spa are waiting just for you!  If you’ve been searching for the best day spa, massage or facial in Rhode Island, you’ve come to the right place. Our reputation and reviews are second to none, because our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver the very best massage, facial or spa service that you have ever had.

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Spa Zen

| Relax

Here’s an ancient proverb.  The stop signs, red lights and yellow lights far outnumber all of the green lights.  This is life’s gentle reminder that we need to pause more often than we do.  Butter Day Spa is your personal oasis of relaxation.  A place where souls in need of nurturing come to escape.


Spa Zen

| Recharge

Nearly everything we own today has a place to plug in and recharge.  There are even some new cars that you have to plug in to recharge.  Think of Butter as your personal outlet… a recharging outlet.  Plugging in, is just a call away.

Spa Zen

| Renew

Hakuna matat⦠the circle of life.  Every cell within our bodies is born over and over again. In life we have new days, new weeks and new years.  The universe itself is in a constant state of renewal.  Cosmically speaking that’s a hint.  Let Butter Day Spa be your personal chrysalis.